Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Days of CRAZY hair...

Carter calls her hair "Crazy Hair". It seems to have a mind of it's own. 
She rarely wants to keep a bow in her hair - she's a free spirit!

I love her - and her Crazy Hair - so much!

Triathlons + Soccer...

Carter participated in the Small Fry Triathlon this past weekend. It was her first triathlon. I have to say it was the cutest event! They had hundreds of little ones on their bikes, sprinting around the park and running through the water. Each kid received a "First Place" medal. Carter wore the medal all day!

Here's a sneak look at the running...

Another first this weekend...Carter's first soccer game. 
Well, the word "game" is a little much...It's more like a hour long practice for Carter and Mommy. Carter knew nothing about soccer before playing...other than her cute pink soccer ball. She finally got the concept that you can't use your hands, but she doesn't understand why they do not take turns hitting the ball during the game. She doesn't get that you just have to run after the ball. Even though, they divide the kids up into 2 different teams, it is basically every child for themselves. 

Does it matter that we are kicking at the back of the goal? :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Several weeks ago, Carter started preschool...which she LOVES!
I do miss having her here with me...but she has the best time. 
The school is really cute and her teachers are super sweet. 

Of course, Carter loves the "housekeeping" area...every time I pick her up, she always has her arms full of things...the girl needs a basket to hold all of her baskets. 

Carter and I made little apple baskets for her teachers. 
She "helped" by way of throwing in the caramels. 


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Orlando #2...

Day 3 - We went to Barrett's previous employer and saw all our old friends. One of which had had twins since we moved away. It was good to finally meet them. We went to lunch with my sister and shopped around Park Avenue in Winter Park. For dinner, we hung out with the Wollitzs. Ny and I met in a Kindermusik class for our daughters about 3 years ago. We really started getting close then Barrett surprised me with a move back to Tennessee. She has one of each and a third on the way...we all think it is a BOY...but God can always surprise us. It was great catching up with them and getting the children together. Carter and Ella have a you can tell from the pictures! 

Carter's "no smile" face! 

Tiago getting in on the action!

Day 4 - Barrett went to go play golf with one of his best friends, Blake (it was Blake's birthday!). It was my day to get in some good girl time with one of my besties, Hellen. Goodness I miss her! 
We took the girls to Aquatica, a HUGE water park. They have an ah-mazing preschool area...with slides! Carter, Gracyn and Camryn Reese had so much fun! Even the mommies got in on a little bit of the action. They have some slides that you ride a 2-seater float. After a very busy day, Carter & I swung by and picked up Barrett to go back to the hotel to rest. We had dinner with the Helms none other than 4Rivers! As I have mentioned before we REALLY miss this place. 
Carter and Maeven were playing from the word GO. I'm not sure they even sat down once to eat. These girls are two of a kind...always on the go. 

Maeven is a scream!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to Orlando

Barrett and I took Carter back to Orlando to visit friends and take in a few tourist attractions.

It has been a year and a half since we moved away but it will always feel like a piece of home. When we landed at the Orlando airport it honestly felt like we were coming home. We have been passengers in that airport many times. We even helped some "tourists" find the baggage claim.

Driving away from the airport, I felt like we should head directly to Garvin Street...our home for seven years!  It was where we brought our baby girl home from the hospital. It was where she spent her first two that little pink and chocolate nursery. It was where we had countless playdates, showers and dinners with dear friends. It was where our dog Copper grew old. It was where we were blessed with great neighbors. It was truly a home not just a house. 

We created friendships that would define the word friendship. These people will always be in our life and their kids will always be in Carter's life. I know life goes on and things get busy but these types of friendships will endure and grow stronger. We were fortunate and got to visit with most of them. I can honestly say it felt like we were picking up where we left off. These are the easiest and best friendships!  

 Orlando was a wonderful place to live and now it is a wonderful place to visit. 
We have so many cherished memories there and look forward to the ones we will create in our visits. 

Our trip:

When we arrived on our first day, we had lunch with Faby...which she told me her wonderful news by showing me her growing belly! So happy for you Faby! We did drive by our old house and see the neighborhood. We had dinner with the Pedricks, Terrys and Warrens at the best BBQ place in Orlando....4Rivers! One place that Barrett and I definitely miss! It was nice to enjoy a casual dinner with them while catching up on everything. 

Day 2 - We had lunch at the Peacock's house (Courtney made a fabulous chicken pasta!) Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of Sam...but he is getting so big...and his hair is adorable!
 Carter and Sam played well...until Carter mistakenly took Sam's favorite was too funny! After lunch, we headed down to Disney to take Carter to Magic Kingdom...even though there was a threat of a tropical storm. Were we crazy? Thank goodness it did not turn into anything and we had a wonderful time...minus just a few sprinkles! 

We are getting so excited! Even the monorail was brightening our smile...

We had planned to spend the day at the park with the Warrens and Crescentis. Unfortunately, the threat of the storm put a little kink in our plan. However, we did get to visit with the Crescentis for a little bit before going into the park. They had to go a little earlier...also it was Gracyn's birthday! We missed spending the day with the Warrens and Crescentis but want to thank them for "helping" us get in.  

These two picked right back up as the best of these sweet faces!

We did have a "first" on the trip. Carter had her first haircut. I know hard to believe...she's almost four and never had a haircut. I couldn't cut the curls...fortunately I don't think they are going anywhere. 
Disney has a little barbershop on Main Street that I have always wanted to take Carter...but when we lived there she really didn't have enough hair to cut. 

She sat so still...of course the Minnie toy helped! Look at that long hair!

Everything's better with a little pixie dust!

Our first meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Mouse...

 And of course...Belle and Cinderella. 

More fun...

I love her arm placement...she is copying Goofy not Mommy!

I had to post these last two pictures from Disney...notice the different smiles in the pictures. 
The first is from a three year old who has just had an exciting day at Disney.
The other is from a thirty-four year old who has just had an "exciting" day at Disney. 

Our time at Disney was the best!
 Just seeing the smiles and laughter from Carter was worth every PENNY!

Day 3-6...another day...

Friday, August 31, 2012

Getting ready for Fall

It's no secret that I love burlap...especially painted burlap. 

I love decorating the front door with a themed painted burlap door hanger. 

I had one that I loved (honestly, I think I have already posted about it), but in the move it was damaged.

I found the cutest place with endless choices...and the best thing - it is here in Memphis. 

Check out her fall options plus other holidays and sport- themed ones.